Hot Wheels Gets Into the Car Rental Business

Hot Wheels Gets Into the Car Rental Business
Starting in France, Hot Wheels has kicked off the Hot Wheels Car Rental program, and unlike the corresponding experience for adults, this one isn't soul-sucking. Hot Wheels set up shop in Europcar rental centers in a few places around France. While …
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Travel law: Liability for rental car accidents abroad
Last week we discussed the questionable business practices of some rental car companies over the last 25 years [Travel Law: Rental Car Companies: Behaving Badly (ETN April 23, 2014)] concluding that, perhaps, the Zipcar concept may provide an ethical …
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Legal Concerns Arise Due to Lack of Evidence Regarding Missing Malaysia
Malaysia Airlines Plane The disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has given rise to new legal concerns. Due to a lack of evidence, because the flight was never officially found, Malaysia Airlines is likely to have to settle out of court to …
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Car rental companies ramp up exotic offerings
LAS VEGAS — There's a chance now for the middle class to feel like movie stars. Or for a movie star to feel like a movie star away from home. In the past few years, some of the biggest car rental companies have added the finest cars money can buy to …
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